What is Neurohope?

NeuroHope is a private neurosurgery clinic founded by two neurosurgeons, dr. Dorin Bică and dr. Ionuț Gobej. NeuroHope operates on the Monza Metropolitan Hospital (Bucharest, Romania) platform and is characterized by the fact that it addresses both brain and spine surgical interventions by minimally invasive procedures (keyhole neurosurgery).

Neurosurgical medical record evaluation and second opinion

NeuroHope offers the possibility for neurosurgical medical record evaluation and second opinion (minimally invasive neurosurgery) in less than 48h (usually < 24h). 

For transfer of your medical folder (preferable your fully MRI, CT, or angiography) click on the Send with WeTransfer button . In the message box put some information about your neurosurgical issue. The maximum transfer size must be < 20Go.

You may archive your MRI CD(CT, or other medical record) and send it like is described in the image, or send it by selecting the folder containing the medical record.

The clinic website is www.neurohope.ro .